No Room for Opinion Dictatorship in Malaysia!

Advokasi Pribumi Sarawak (APS) is dismayed by the attacks leveled upon our organization and our Managing Director, Nigel Raymond, as a result of our opinions in relation to the Sarawak timber industry and the Save Rivers case against Samling.

Just because they (Sarawak Report) do not agree with our opinions, Sarawak Report has deemed it right to discredit our organization by accusing us for being a front for Samling Group without providing any proof.

APS would like to clearly state that our limited funds come from individuals who support Sarawak’s sustainable forest management agenda, especially the need to balance socio-economic growth with forest and bio-diversity conservation. Nigel, being a native of Sarawak, is especially passionate about the welfare and economic progress of indigenous communities.

However, APS would gladly welcome the support of licensed timber players, like-minded individuals and advocacy groups who share our goals. At the end of the day, we believe that we have to collaborate with all parties so as to see Sarawak grow and develop in a sustainable manner.

While it is discouraging to read about Sarawak Report’s insinuations attacking our integrity, we remain committed and steadfast in our beliefs. While Sarawak Report and their ilk claims to represents the views of an extremely small but loud minority, we are equally entitled to speak for the majority who welcome the benefits of sustainable economic progress.

We have the right to voice our opinions and will not concede to Sarawak Report’s editorial and opinion dictatorship. Sarawak Report’s move to discredit APS shows that it has no room for a differentiated opinion.

We are deeply concerned that local environment NGOs supported by the Sarawak Report may be playing into the hands of foreign vested interest aiming to embarrass the Sarawak State Government for their own agenda by creating disunity amongst locals and disrupt the operations of a critical economic generator to the State. All APS did was to call for an amicable solution to the defamation suit filed against Save Rivers by Samling as we believe that a long drawn-out defamation suit is wasteful and distract all parties from the main issues, which is to protect and improve the welfare of the local communities while ensuring a sustainable forest operations.

We hope that all parties can come together to collaborate towards making tangible and positive change.

The new kid on the block
Advokasi Pribumi Sarawak